Instrumental Peace 

Harnessing the Power of Music at End of Life

"One of the most compelling things for me in documentary work is the search to find a deeper truth within a subject. Really connecting to a person in a visceral way, interpreting and capturing their story, and collaborating creatively with them to tell it as honestly as possible.

I met Lauren Knatz many years ago when I saw her singing and playing music around a campfire with a bunch of other musicians. Even back then I could see her appreciation and passion for music, so when she reached out to me this spring to help her create a film about her work, I was already fully on board. Spending a couple days alongside her was an extremely fulfilling and magical experience for me.

It’s rare when you find a genuinely caring, passionate individual who fully utilizes their gifts to give back to their community, and Lauren is an amazing example of that. The feeling of connection that she has with her patients, as she sings them a song and their faces light up, is really something special. Her selfless work in memory care, cultural preservation, and overall just her general positivity and compassion she shows to the elderly community and those in hospice, is something extremely admirable and inspirational.

This short documentary piece is one I’m very proud of, the inspiration I felt from Lauren encouraged me to fully immerse myself into my own creativity and passion for what I love to do. I’m so honored to tell her story and genuinely happy to have captured a piece of the beautiful truth she lives day to day."  

— Daniel Regner  Cinematographer/Director