"The brilliance of Lauren Knatz's work is that it opens the eyes of many who may have looked at music programs in long-term care as entertainment, or an enjoyable way to fill the hours. Through moving stories of real-life experiences in the field, she's showing a way to harness these music programs to make landmark, nationwide improvements in care. As an authoring agency for educational publishers, I'm looking forward to the curriculum that Lauren and her team are creating. The Gatekeeper is truly an inspiration and a celebration, but even more than that, it's an entrance way into even greater things to come." 

 - Emerson Probst

President of Emerson Agency

Gatekeeper book cover.jpg

“The Gatekeeper is visionary. The adroitly composed stories, combined with stunning photographs, amount to a heartfelt testimony on the intersection of creativity and the human spirit.”
- Dr. Paul Austerlitz
Author, Jazz Consciousness: Race, Music, and Humanity
Professor of Africana Studies and Music
Coordinator of Jazz Studies, Sunderman Conservatory of Music, Gettysburg College

"Lauren brings a sense of joy, connection, safety and calm, to her clients as she awakens in them memories of the past through music. She is skillful in her attunement to the clients' preferences and allows for opportunities for them to relive happy moments. This book is a must-read for those working with the elderly. Brief moments of delight can change one's attitude about aging and death. Music and connection are pathways to self-awareness and contentment."
- Claudia Brandenburg, LICSW, MSW
Clinician and Hospice Social Worker